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Video Marketing Ideas

Here are the top ways to use video for your business.

  • EXPERT VIDEOS – When you regularly produce videos that teach your potential or current customers something valuable, you will be seen as the “go-to” expert in your field. For instance, making a video like, “If you have this problem, do this.” or “When you need a new roof, make sure you are using this kind of roofing material, because it holds up better in the Florida sun.” As a result, in a short time, you and your business will start to see more and more new customers come to you because of your expertise.
  • GETTING TO KNOW YOU VIDEOS – Every business person knows (or has heard) that people do business with people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. Creating a great video that tells people about your business in way that shows what you do, why you do it, and about the people you work with, will make people feel like they already know you. So, when they come to your business, they’ll feel a personal connection that can create not only a customer, but raving fan of you and your business.
  • TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS AND CUSTOMER STORIES – We live in a time where no one trusts what YOU say about your business. But, instead they rely on the opinions of your previous customers. So, producing a video that allows your customers to sing your praises, will be the best advertising you will EVER do!
  • BEHIND THE SCENES or WATCH WHAT WE DO VIDEOS – There is nothing more interesting than watching experts at work. It shows you know what you’re doing, and that you do quality work.
  • HOW WE GOT STARTED STORY VIDEOS – Telling the story of how you started your business, and the history you have in the community, will truly help your potential customers feel proud to support your local business, as well as get to know you better.
  • THANK YOUR CUSTOMERS VIDEOS – Let’s face it, we don’t have a business without our customers. Make a video that shows you and your employees thanking your customers for their business, and for their loyalty.
  • BRANDED MINI-DOC VIDEOS – Let your potential customers spend the day with you and your employees. Tell the story of how much you care about your work, how hard or complicated it is, or how amazing you and your employees are. This is an amazing tool that makes customers want to work with you.
  • PRODUCT OR SERVICE VIDEOS – Show your product or service in action, tell them what problem it solves, the key features and benefits, and then present an irresistible offer!
  • PRODUCT OR SERVICE DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS – When potential customers are researching companies, products and services, an in-depth demonstration video will be what helps a potential customer make a decision.
  • INFORMERCIALS – Sometimes an old well-proven infomercial style video will help convey your message. It typically works for products that require a bit more explanation to understand.
  • IN-STORE / LOBBY / WAITING ROOM / OFFICE VIDEOS – There are a lot of opportunities to get your message across to your customer when they are in your physical location. Sometimes, it is an opportunity to explain how the process works, or to interest them in additional services or products. It’s a great tool to increase sales!


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